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Better Solution Beats Better Mouse Trap

Subliminal Mortality Rate in Super Species of Mice 
Theory: Mortality Proportional to Reproduction through Subliminal Subconscious Networking

I have lived and worked in multiple residential dwellings such as high rise apartment complexes, row homes, apartment buildings, detached and semi-detached houses. One of the more common aspects of building maintenance is pest extermination. (ie. Mice and Insects) After many years of dealing with different infestations it was clear that conventional methods were only a temporary measure so a study was conducted to find a more permanent solution and to prove certain theories.
The prominent and most destructive pests were rodents. It had been documented that city mice evolved beyond that of country mice into a more intelligent breed classified as Super Mice. This breed is most prevalent in densely populated areas where the mortality rate is much higher. Highly populated environments provided a greater food source while at the same time a more significant threat of impending death to the population. It made the mice stronger, more resilient and extremely intelligent. 

The average life expectancy in city mice is only 12 to 18 months depending on food source, environment and predators. They can breed new litters approximately every 25 days. It is a very short time to learn survival techniques so a study of survival instincts and subconscious networking was the focus. The first study involved attempted eradication of local rodent population within a controlled

The three year study utilizing conventional methods such as spring loaded traps poisons and glue traps proved to be only temporarily effective. Subjects proved to display above average intelligence in recognizing potential threats thereby managing to maintain and increase population by the following year. The second study involved an unconventional psychological attack on the population’s subliminal perception. 

The study showed immediate positive results within 90 days. After analyzing data from the first study it was clearly evident the population of super mice would have to be confronted at an intellectual and subliminal level. The following year there were fewer mice but they had not been eradicated.

On several occasions during the first study the subjects were observed communicating to the others warnings of impending danger or of having been trapped. Testing country mice showed that on average they communicated no vocal warnings or cries for help when caught. However, they also showed to be cautious with bucket lid traps and very intelligent. Effective communication would have to be part of the next study in an all-out subconscious psychological warfare attack. 

The goal was to thereby find a connection between the mortality rate and consciousness of the population. After generations of imbedded survival instincts I was certain that the mice were not prepared for what was about to change their world.
This test implemented several types of live traps in order to catch and ‘jolt’ or ‘prime’ the subliminal perception or consciousness of the population. 

The first subjects caught were released immediately outside their environment with a stern warning never to return. 
The second set of subjects received the same warning and released the same way outside their controlled environment. The third and fourth final sets were subjected to a much more hostile release. At this point it was believed that the consciousness of the population was alert and processing the new data. Subject set number three were forced to remaining in the trap for two hours while being subjected to repeated noise.

Subject set number four were forced to remain in the trap for several hours while they were subjected to additional noise while enduring vocalized threats. They were then released to a new environment also two miles away. When released one subject ran away screaming as if to promise me he wouldn’t be back. When he reached the far end of the room he stopped and turned around to look at me then bolted again. There were no signs of mice at all after that last release which doesn’t actually prove the theory but it does lend to the possibility that instinctive survival may be a subliminal or subconscious networking process within the population of mice.

In conclusion, the best method of eradicating an infestation of super mice is live capture and relocation of the population using non lethal methods such as bucket lid traps. Best repelling methods are (1) peppermint oil (2) Viatek and MaxMoxie ultrasonic repellants.

*Poisons: Although poisons do work there is no telling where the mice will die and if they die in a difficult place to find,
the odor of a decomposing mouse can be overwhelming lasting sometimes for weeks. In addition the population is
alerted and other mice will avoid eating the poison.
*Spring loaded traps: Even if you use good bait you’re only catching one mouse at a time and other mice will know to
steer clear of them once they sense or witness another mouse captured in this violent way.
*Glue traps: These work great at first but give mice the opportunity to warn other mice of the trap. Some glue traps are
scented to attract the mice but they soon will avoid them at all costs even if you add bait. Mice were actually observed
jumping over the glue traps to avoid capture. The other issue is that they are not reusable. Once you catch a mouse you
have to throw it away and buy more.
*Subliminal is a stimulus or mental process) below the threshold of sensation or consciousness; perceived by or affecting
someone's mind without their being aware.
*Mortality rate, or death rate is a measure of the number of deaths (in general, or due to a specific cause) in a particular
*Subliminal perception is the perception of a series of stimulus which the person is not consciously aware of and gets
under the influence involuntarily, in addition to the perception with the five sense organs. 

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